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The Garage Sale Guru's Seminar!

Oh pleasure filled pastime...!

Spring is sprung
The grass be riz
Roam the streets and see
Where the good sales iz!
Garage Sale Seminar

Hi, I am the Garagesale Guru - the original. (Don't be fooled by recent cheap imitations!)

Garage Saling is my passion - my absolute favourite thing to do in the warmer months. My daughter (adoringly known as "Bratling") and I wake up early saturday morning, and unless it's pouring rain, we head out and comb our regular "route" for good garage sales. This is our time to be together, pursue a fun and often exciting hobby, and perhaps find that "one wonderful unique thing" our home is missing! More on why we do this...

"What is there to know about putting on a garage sale" you want to know?

Quite a bit, actually, if you want to do it right!



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